Presentation: Working in Harmony

Working in Harmony – Optimize development and content workflows [owl-carousel category=”wordcamp-norrkoping” singleItem=”true” autoPlay=”true”] Here’s the description of my talk and slides from WordCamp Norrkoping. Teamwork is a critical part of making your WordPress project a success. While defining a workflow and establishing development tools can help your team code together efficiently, it is equally important to establish processes for pushing content live. This session is intended for developers and site builders looking to fine tune the tools they use to work better as a team and will focus on development environment, deployment, workflow and processes. Working in harmony from Edmund … Continued

Working In Harmony – Composer Config

I had a great time speaking at WordCamp Norrkoping on August 28th in Sweden. It was a pleasure to talk with such an engaged crowd and I really enjoyed sharing my views on working as a team. During my talk I gave a demo on how to create a base install of WordPress using composer. Here’s the gist of my composer.json file. I’m happy to discuss and hear any feedback you may have. Stay tuned for pictures, additional resources and a link to my presentation deck.