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Here’s a list of resources from my talk at WordCamp Manchester 15 on 10/10/2015. I had a really good session and hope it was helpful for all attendees. If you missed the talk you can grab my slides below and watch the video (as soon as it’s available on wordpress.tv). It was awesome to meet so many great people who took the time out of their lives to spend a weekend in Manchester thinking about WordPress and learning more. These links and code samples are intended to help you get up and running and provide guidance for setting up your workflow. I realize there is a ton of information here and promise to deep dive into some of these topics in the near future. Please comment about any questions and I appreciate your feedback!

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Here’s a copy of my gulpfile.js that was shown in the my demo. This allows you to automate SASS compiling, Minification, Uglify your javascript, concatenate css and js files, optimize your images and apply vendor specific prefixes via Autoprefixer.


      Dependency Management You can use Composer to build a basic install of WordPress with some customized default settings. I have added a few plugins, a theme, created a directory for content and moved WordPress core into a folder called wp.




I’ve have Codeship setup to deploy to production when I push to github. This system makes for an easy and flexible deployment solution. You can use Shipscope to monitor your deployment status in Chrome.

Content Deployment

Here are a few plugins to get you started with deploying content from staging to your production environment.


I mentioned git flow as a great way to manage your branching workflow in Git. Here’s the cheatsheet to get you started.


If you’re looking for a good way to work with local content, Mercury is a great way to get you started. It is a feature vagrant that allows you to configure multiple WordPress installs with simple configuration files.


After running vagrant destroy and losing all of my sites locally, I built a script to run a daily backup of all files and a mysql export. The script will fire out status messages via email and can be customized to do what you need. I have this set to run via cron locally. Note that the script uses sudo for the copy command and you’ll need to add your password. Let me know if you have a better and more secure way to do this!


Environment Indicator

I made some changes to this plugin to make it work with additional tiers, but I think it’s a clever way to keep track of which tier you are working on. I plan on getting my changes added to the plugin as soon as I can find a spare moment.

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