SSH Gateway on WP Engine

This is been one of the most asked about features for WP Engine to add and I’ve been super happy to watch this progress from beta to general availability. More details are available on the WP Engine blog if you want to know more details and specifics.

#WPLDN Wrap Up and Offer

Many of you stopped in to #WPLDN this past week where I spoke on CI and Deployment. I had an awesome time talking about my deployment and CI strategy with WordPress and I have posted my example script that I showed during the demo. WP Engine has a discount offer available to all attendees of #WPLDN that gives you 50% of your first month of shared hosting on. If you are interested in taking the platform for a spin, please apply the code WPLDN18 during the checkout process. Please take a look at my slides if you want a recap … Continued

Production Ready WordPress – #WPLDN

I had an awesome time last night speaking about Continuous Integration with Codeship , Github and dependency management to a packed house in London. I’m grateful for the invitation from the #WPLDN team to help kick off the year’s first meetup, which I learned was also a milestone, being the 70th time the meetup has happened over the past 5 year. It was a great event and a number of people asked for the deck to review, which I’ve uploaded to Slideshare. Hopefully this was an inspiring talk that opened up some new options for getting code from development to … Continued

I’m Speaking at the WordPress London Meetup – Jan 25th, 2018

It is great to be back in the office after a relaxing weekend at home. This week I’m heading over to City, University of London to speak at the first #WPLDN meetup of the year on January 25th. I’ve been looking forward to this for a few days now and will be talking about how to use a Continuous Integration(CI) tools like Codeship to deploy code to WP Engine (or any other host that supports Git). CI tools allow developers to have more control of what happens after code is successfully pushed to a repository. During the deployment process, additional … Continued

Kicking Off 2018 with a Bang

I took a relaxing break away from home in India over the December holidays after a full-throttle few months at the tail end of last year. When I returned to the office something BIG had happened. An absolute game changer. WP Engine had secured a $250M investment from leading global technology investor, Silver Lake. With that in mind, the new year has started off with a bang and there is an air of positivity and excitement in the office and around the company. I’m looking forward to another amazing year and here’s what’s on my mind as I look ahead. … Continued