Public Speaking and the Themer’s guide to WP-CLI

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Last night I had the pleasure of speaking about how WP-CLI can help Themers by automating and streamlining workflow at my local WordPress user group #wpldn here in London. For me, #wpldn is like home to me because it’s the first place where I ever stood up in front of a crowd and presented. It takes a lot of courage and determination to step up and speak in front of a group, even if you’ve done it before. Many people have no problem speaking at work, in meetings, or with friends, but for some reason addressing an audience can be … Continued

The News is out! I’m speaking at #WCHEL

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I’m extremely happy to report that I’ll be making a trip to Helsinki, Finland in April. I’ve been selected to talk about configuration management in WordPress at WordCamp Helsinki. My talk is called Configuration Management in WordPress and here’s a little more info on what will be discussed. Talk Description Moving data between environments in a tiered development workflow can be tricky and time consuming. It’s important to have content, options, settings and files synchronized across your tiers to ensure a stress-free development process. Understand how data is stored in WordPress and explore several different approaches to moving WordPress seamlessly from server to … Continued

Time flies! What have I been up to lately?

So much has happened in the past year and I have been focusing a little bit more on getting things done than spreading the word about what I’m up to. My goal for 2017 is to post more often and keep you all informed on what’s going on. I’ve got an exciting announcement to make in the next week or so and will be happy to share that as soon as I can. So, as I’ve promised to do more social media, more blog posts and more writing, keep an eye out and check back on the site for updates. … Continued