Photos: WooCommerce Scalability Talk

I really enjoyed attending the WooCommerce Meetup in London on 20/7 where I spoke on scalability. Here are a few photos taken by @rarst, who has an amazing eye for getting good pictures. Many thanks to Marina Pape of WooThemes for hosting the event and sharing knowledge of social marketing in her Building your Brand & Community talk.

Video: Creating Localised Experiences with GeoIP

Check out the video and deck from my first presentation on Thursday, 30 Apr 2015 at #WPLDN – Creating Localised User Experiences with GeoIP Here’s more about the talk and the slides are available below. Creating Localized User Experiences with GeoIP The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Your website can reach practically anywhere on Earth. Wouldn’t it make sense to immediately serve your visitors the relevant, accurate content that they’re looking for, versus making them select their geographic location from a pulldown menu or a map? Not knowing the physical location of your visitors can limit … Continued

WooCommerce Scalability Talk

I’m talking at the London WooCommerce Meetup this evening about how to scale out a site that runs WooCommerce. I’ll go through a few different ways in which you can optimize your site in order to scale on any platform. The presentation is available on Woo commerce scalability notes from Edmund Turbin