Photos: WooCommerce Scalability Talk

I really enjoyed attending the WooCommerce Meetup in London on 20/7 where I spoke on scalability. Here are a few photos taken by @rarst, who has an amazing eye for getting good pictures. Many thanks to Marina Pape¬†of WooThemes¬†for hosting the event and sharing knowledge of social marketing in her Building your Brand & Community … Continued

Video: Creating Localised Experiences with GeoIP

Check out the video and deck from my first presentation on Thursday, 30 Apr 2015 at #WPLDN – Creating Localised User Experiences with GeoIP Here’s more about the talk and the slides are available below. Creating Localized User Experiences with GeoIP The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Your website can reach … Continued

WooCommerce Scalability Talk

I’m talking at the London WooCommerce Meetup this evening about how to scale out a site that runs WooCommerce. I’ll go through a few different ways in which you can optimize your site in order to scale on any platform. The presentation is available on Woo commerce scalability notes from Edmund Turbin