GeoIP Shortcodes Example

This page has shortcodes embedded and will show all of the options possible for GeoIP based on your current location. More info on shortcodes soon! 1) Country: [geoip-country] 2) Region (State): [geoip-region] 3) City: [geoip-city] 4) Postal Code: [geoip-postalcode] 5) Latitude: [geoip-latitude] 6) Longitutde: [geoip-longitude] 7) Location: [geoip-location]

Lake Loop Austin Run

Check out my second weekend run in Austin around Town Lake. Was great to get a picture with Stevie Ray Vaughan after almost 6 miles of trail pounding. I left the map below so you can see where I went and you can check out my stats on Strava!

First post

i’m typing this up at Heathrow on my way to Austin for training. Looking forward to meeting the WP Engine team, learning a ton of new things and experiencing Austin while SXSW is in full effect.